The IDEs of Python

BeeWare is a collection of projects that can be used to help develop, debug and launch Python software. Each tool follows the Unix philosophy of doing one thing well. Unlike a traditional IDE, each tool is self contained and can be used on its own.




Code of Conduct

The BeeWare community has a strict Community Code of Conduct. If you have any concerns about this code of conduct, or you wish to report a violation of this code, please get in touch.

Users mailing list

Got any questions about how to use a tool in the BeeWare suite? Join the BeeWare Users Mailing list and ask.

Developers mailing list

Got some ideas for how we can improve a tool in BeeWare suite? Or have an idea for a completely new tool? Join the BeeWare Developers Mailing list and let us know your ideas.


Have you found a bug in a BeeWare tool? Do you want to contribute code to any of the BeeWare tools? All development takes places on Github.



Keep in touch by following @pybeeware on Twitter.


Want to chat with the BeeWare community in real time? Join the #beeware channel on FreeNode.


Interested in providing other financial assistance to the BeeWare project? Please get in touch.