BeeWare wouldn't have been possible without the financial and in-kind support of the following companies and individuals. The entire BeeWare community thanks them for their support. Why not become a member of the BeeWare project yourself?

Bronze Members

Carol Willing

Carol Willing is a Director of the Python Software Foundation, a core developer for Project Jupyter, and a Research Software Engineer at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

She’s also Geek-In-Residence at Fab Lab San Diego and co-organizes PyLadies San Diego and San Diego Python. She’s an active contributor to open source projects, a maintainer for OpenHatch and the Anita Borg Institute’s open source projects. Combining a love of nature, the arts, and math with a BSE in Electrical Engineering from Duke and an MS in Management from MIT, she’s enjoyed creating and teaching others for over 20 years.

She recently spoke at PyCon US 2016, PyCon Philippines 2016, Write/Speak/Code 2016, SciPy 2016, PyData Carolinas 2016, and PyCon TW 2017.

AdHoc Members

Revolution Systems

Revolution Systems' primary focus is building and maintaining customized web applications, consulting, and technical support for a variety of Open Source technologies. Their core expertise lies in Python, Django, PostgreSQL, devops and performance/scaling-related consulting. For a complete list of services please visit the services page.

Software and the various levels of support needed to run a business in today's world do not need to be expensive to acquire, maintain and customize. Revolution Systems works with companies to reduce their costs and make their systems simpler to understand and use. This is done exclusively using Open Source software and calling on the help of external subject matter experts as needed.

Not convinced? Read what Revolution Systems' clients say about them.

Revolution Systems provided the funding for the second pressing of the BeeWare challenge coins.


GitHub is how people build software. They support a community where more than 21 million people learn, share, and work together to build software.

Github provided the funding for the first pressing of the BeeWare Yak Herder challenge coins.

Professional Members

  • Nick CoghlanNick Coghlan
  • Katie McLaughlinKatie McLaughlin

Individual Members

  • Jeff Triplett
  • Brenda Moon
  • Javier Candeira
  • Josh Simmons
  • Ryan Kelly
  • Sam Kitajima-Kimbrel
  • Joel Addison
  • Ernest W. Durbin III
  • Mike McCaffrey
  • Elias Dorneles
  • Andrew Konstantaras
  • [email protected]******.com
  • Daan Vielen
  • Remy Hubscher
  • Cory Benfield
  • Derek Payton
  • Timothy Bell
  • [email protected]******.com
  • Brett Cannon
  • David A Baumgold
  • Naomi Ceder
  • Trey M Hunner
  • Lacey Williams Henschel
  • Haris Ibrahim K V
  • Raphael Michel
  • Tracy Osborn
  • Marko Samastur
  • [email protected]******.com
  • Aymeric Augustin
  • Shabda Raaj
  • Holly Becker
  • Matthias Kestenholz
  • Jonas Schell
  • Eric Atkin
  • Daniel Lindsley
  • [email protected]******.com
  • Amjith Ramanujam
  • [email protected]******.com
  • Terence Barrett
  • Victor Yap
  • [email protected]******.com
  • Alan Rubin
  • Timothy Robert Ansell
  • Bruce Wang
  • Jim Mussared
  • Matt Austin
  • Nic Crouch