So who are the people behind BeeWare? Well, there's a huge group of contributors, but the project is managed by the Bee Team.

Russell Keith-Magee

Dr Russell Keith-Magee is a 10 year veteran of the Django core team, and for 5 years, was President of the Django Software Foundation. He's also the founder of the BeeWare project, developing GUI tools to support the development of Python software. When he's not contributing to open source, he's the CTO of TradesCloud, a company providing integrated job management software for tradespeople.

Katie McLaughlin

Katie has worn many different hats over the years. She has previously been a software developer for many languages, systems administrator for multiple operating systems, and speaker on many different topics.

When she's not changing the world, she enjoys cooking, making tapestries, and yelling at JavaScript and its attempt at global variables.

Philip James

Philip writes code for computers and for humans. His first computing love is Python, but is too often forced to write JavaScript and Swift. When he's not writing code for money or for Open Source or for his own crazy projects, he gives talks at conferences. Philip lives in Alameda, California with his wife and her cat. Philip believes in the web.

Christopher Swenson

Dr. Christopher Swenson is a software engineer, computer scientist, and occasional mathematician. Swenson has been working with Python since about 2004, and involved in open source since before knowing what open source really was. Swenson likes sorting a lot, and maintains an open source high-performance C sorting library. Swenson has sold their labor to companies big and small, such as Simple, Google, and the US Government, and wrote a book on cryptography. Swenson is an organizer of PyDX. Swenson is a cupcake.

Amber Brown

Amber Brown pretends to be an owl on the internet. When she's not releasing or working on Twisted, she works on software for various commercial and non-profit companies. She's so good at talking endlessly about Twisted that Russell even once invited her to keynote on it.

Also, she likes people tweeting pictures of owls at her.

Chiang Fong Lee

Chiang Fong has been pretending to be a systems administrator since the Mandriva Linux days, and has recently moved into acting like he knows how to write software.

When not poking at code to de-stress, he spends his time fiddling with fountain pens and mechanical keyboards. He has yet to learn the lesson of not mixing inky fingers with pretty keycaps.